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DeMODIfication of the South

The 2023 Karnataka Elections was bagged by the Indian national Congress leaving BJP voiceless. The Congress seized Karnataka from the BJP with a resounding victory on Saturday, gaining a majority on its own with victories in 136 of the state's 224 seats. The result is a significant boost for the Congress Party, which now controls four states ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. "From now on, this will happen in every state," Rahul Gandhi said, adding that the new government will fulfill the "five promises," which include 200 units of free energy and allowances for unemployed graduates, at the first Cabinet meeting. Former Congress chief minister Siddaramaiah echoed this sentiment. The findings revealed a strong anti-incumbency attitude against the government of Basavaraj Bommai. A dozen ministers were defeated, including heavyweights like Govind Karjol, Murugesh Nirani, BC Nagesh and B Sriramulu.

Siddaramaiah described the Congress victory as a vote by people "fed up with the BJP's corruption" for a stable government. He attributed the outcome to the Gandhi family's efforts, saying that Karnataka had rejected "hate politics." The BJP's central leadership has actively supported its Karnataka branch during the election campaign. Following the announcement of the elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held nine rallies and six roadshows, while Home Minister Amit Shah held 16 rallies and 15 roadshows. The BJP made no compromises in preparation for the Lok Sabha elections next year. The results confirmed Karnataka's trend of never returning the incumbent government since 1989. While the Congress campaigned on the purported 40% commission in the BJP rule, one of the main reasons it won a landslide was its campaign pledges to voters.

BJP’s Hijab ban, cutting off reservations against Muslimson has irked the people and the result has been evident. Though Hindus hold the majority in the state, people in Karnataka prioritize human rights and have votepercentageer humanitarian grounds. BJP as loud as it is with its policies and framework against Muslims all over India has succumbed in South India. This election has relentlessly marked the end of the BJP regime in the South. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has stated that “The South is free from BJP” hinting that the South is no more under the regime of the Hindutva party.

BJP has colonized the South in a way that at one point in time, some of the BJP-held state governments were acting as puppets to the central government implementing various laws against Muslims and cornering their rights and reservations. Though BJP has been concentrating on Telangana with its rapid rallies stating that the government will scrap the 4% reservations for Muslims and that the percentage will be distributed among the majority communities, the former princely state has refused to accommodate such statements even in the rallies.

People from various Southern states of India celebrated BJP’s loss in the 2023 election as a gesture to strongly condemn the government. This is the beginning of the end of the BJP regime, former MP Rahul Gandhi stated.

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