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"It is done directly to Muslims" - Rahul Gandhi slams Modi Govt's hatred against minorities

In a US event, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi criticized the Narendra Modi government for supporting crimes against the Muslim community, other religious minorities, Dalits, and Adivasis in India.

"The Muslim community feels it the most strongly because it is done most directly to them." However, it is done to all communities. "I can guarantee that Sikhs, Christians, Dalits, and tribals are feeling the same way you (Muslims) are," Gandhi remarked at a San Francisco gathering.


Photo source: The Hindustan Times

"This is also a recurring event." What is happening to Muslims in India today is the same as what occurred to Dalits in the 1980s. This was happening with Dalits in UP in the 1980s...We must question it, battle it, and do so with love and affection rather than hatred, and we will do so," he concluded.

"The poor and people from minority communities feel helpless today," he continued. Indians do not believe in hatred for one another. The system and the media are controlled by a small group of people who fan the flames of hatred."

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