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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

On March 30, the French National Assembly approved a law that added certain additional guidelines for social media influencers. If the Senate approves the proposed law, it will drastically change how French celebrities post on social media and require these platforms to build methods for identifying infractions.

Applying social media filters while posting a picture has disturbingly become a routine in today's quick-paced digital society. All influencers will be required to state whether they are wearing a filter as well as whether any portion of their face or body has been photo-shopped under the new rules. When a post is a paid advertisement, influencers must disclose this to their followers.

Although the nation already requires sponsored content to be evident to users, with the new legislation in effect, Mashable reports that the disclaimer flag would be necessary not only in the description but also over the images or videos.

The bill also requires a detailed examination of the kid influencers' activities. The terms of the bill require that minors under the age of 16 obtain state authorization before using the platforms. 90% of the money they earn from commercial activities will be frozen until they are 18 years old to prevent abuse, restricting influencers' ability to promote certain goods while holding them to the same standards as traditional media, such as alcohol, tobacco, and financial products (hello, bitcoin bros). Additionally, liable influencers will not be allowed to use social media to advance their careers.

Young girls are especially susceptible to the harmful impacts of filters and photo editing, according to studies. According to a Dove's Self-Esteem research study, which explains why young people feel this way, one in two girls thinks that the harmful beauty information on social media contributes to low self-esteem.

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