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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Your hijab, tuck it in. It can’t get in the way.

Sisterhood FC is a London-based football club exclusively for Muslim women. Founded by Yasmin Abdullahi, a 30-year-old Somali-British fashion model, who graduated from Goldsmith University, London. While she was playing in the college football team, the team didn’t face many matches against other schools yet was quite well known inside the campus. People were stunned to know that Yasmin was playing football with her hijab on. Yasmin wanted her fellow Muslim girls/women to take up the sport regardless of religious constraints hence Sisterhood FC was founded.

Sisterhood FC was formed in 2018 and its principle logo holds an imprint of the Hijab after FIFA lifted the ban on wearing hijabs during matches. According to Yasmin, the club was formed for one major reason – A sense of togetherness. She had implied this statement in major interviews. Initially, Yasmin felt uncomfortable being indulged in the sport as she felt that pursuing her dream would break her faith as until 2014, there was a ban on wearing a hijab during plays. In an interview with BBC, she said “I’m a minority, within a minority, within a minority” as she identified as a Black Muslim woman. She further added that “She is no longer worried about protecting her faith because whenever it’s time for the prayer, regardless of where we are, we pray and that brings togetherness among us”.added,

Currently, the club has over 100 women players wearing black clothes and hijabs and has played a few games under. Sisterhood FC’s future goal is to establish a club all over the United Kingdom to embrace the talents of Muslim women who are unwilling to compromise their faith for anything.

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