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Updated: Jun 5, 2023

On May 8, HRWF discussed at the Press Club in Brussels titled "EU-Pakistan: Human Rights, Religious Freedom, and the GSP+" to examine the dire plight of women and girls in Pakistan. NGO representatives from Belgium, Pakistan, Italy, and the United States attended the event, which addressed several significant concerns.

Women in Pakistan continue to bear the brunt of strained relationships, particularly when abducted; others have opted to flee and expose such abuses. Pakistan is likewise dealing with incidences of honor killings. According to data from Pakistan's Common Freedoms Commission, there were 1,276 such homicides between 2014 and 2016. Although the Pakistani Parliament established a law prohibiting honor-related killings, they continue unabated, particularly in rural regions, where many of them go unreported and unpunished, according to HRWF.

Gender inequality is a global issue, but it is the basis of many problems in Pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistani society is mostly disregarding gender imbalance and the vicious cycle of violence due to widespread illiteracy and a gender-based bias. Pakistani women are generally viewed as second-class citizens, particularly when it comes to female education percentage, which is very low when compared to men's literacy rate of 69%.

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